With The Network And The Combination Of Wyndham, Promote The Development Of Intelligent Material-linked Home
- Feb 01, 2018 -

Smart home, now is the home industry hot word, whether it is the Internet decoration enterprises or related to the surrounding enterprises, are trying to enter this field. For example, the Internet home improvement of the Word-of-mouth enterprises have a residential network, there is a residential network of smart home to explore the industry is quite senior, therefore, in promoting the development of intelligent home occupies an important position.

Recently, there is a network of small sea sinks with the global hotel company Wyndham Hotel reached a cooperation. And for the assembly-style decoration, intelligent business, supply chain financial services, marketing goods, traffic sharing, such as a number of business strategic cooperation, is expected to achieve 2020 cooperation plans to reach 300 scale.

There is a small number of residential network in China is an important intelligent home industry group, 2016 by Haier home, living, Boloni, Clude, such as the launch of a robot, is committed to building a smart things linked home as the core, leading the high-end intelligent life of the ecological group.

The Wyndham Hotel Group, headquartered in the United States, is a giant of the hotel industry, and the Wyndham Hotel Group Brand line covers high-end, midrange and budget hotels, operates over 8,100 hotels in 79 countries and has about 705,700 rooms.

The cooperation, the network will undertake more than 300 hotels in more than 40,000 room decoration services, including hard, soft, parts, cabinets and so on.

This cooperation on the network has a strategic significance, indicating that there is a network of services has been extended from the area of home improvement to hotel apartments and other areas, the introduction of the assembly-style construction technology in more areas of decoration has been more widely used.