The Difference Between Hotel Furniture And Civilian Furniture
- Feb 01, 2018 -

Hotel furniture than civilian use of damaged furniture, different levels of the guests, the concept of care for the furniture is also inconsistent, so the material requirements have a very big difference:

1, the hotel furniture suitable for use with high hardness, wear-resistant, anti-scratch good decorative furniture, room tea table, desk, etc., guests will often smoke in this, will scald the furniture surface, design to be as far as possible to consider the fire performance of Mesa, can be used with fire performance of decorative materials or glass, and civilian furniture generally do not need to consider. Chair fabrics to consider flame-retardant, and civilian furniture does not need to consider.

2, the hotel furniture waterproof and moistureproof performance is better; and the hotel's bathrooms are mostly with the rooms together, by wet towels, steam, seasonal changes and other effects, will cause furniture deformation, sealing edge off, mildew, etc., affect the appearance of furniture, damage the image of the hotel, directly affect the occupancy rate of the hotel, and civil furniture is relatively low.

The difference between the furniture of civilian and the hotel

Hotel Furniture Maintenance is much larger than the civilian, because the hotel furniture and bath area is connected as a whole, so more easily humid, and civilian furniture is different, is their own furniture, family members will be relatively cherished.