The Development Course Of Furniture
- Feb 01, 2018 -

China's ancient furniture mainly has seats, beds, screens, dresser, tables, chairs, cabinets and so on. Mat, is the oldest, the most primitive furniture, the earliest by the leaves weaving, and later mostly by the reed, bamboo. The ancients often "sat on the sit", it is evident that the application of mats is very wide. Bed, is the first appearance of the mat after the furniture. At first, the bed was very short, the ancients read, write, eat, sleep almost all in bed. "The Peacock flies Southeast": "The mother had to smell, the hammer bed will be furious." "The Bed" in the poem refers to seats. And this low bed with the furniture have a few, case, screen and so on. There is also a kind of low couch often with the bed and use, so there are "beds" said. After the Wei-jin North and South dynasties, the bed height and today's bed is similar, becomes the furniture which sleeps specially. Since the Tang and Song dynasties, a wide range of high-grade furniture, there are beds, tables, chairs, stools, a few high, long case, cabinets, racks, towel racks, screens, basin racks, dresser, a wide range of varieties. Each dynasty furniture, all pay attention to the craft method, strives for the pattern to be rich, the carving is exquisite, displays the strong Chinese traditional style, has become one part of our country traditional culture.                                

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