The Collection Method Of Furniture
- Feb 01, 2018 -

Some old, quite collectable antique furniture is "ewe" of antiques enthusiasts. However, there are many fakes in these collections. In order to prevent "drilling" the following 5 kinds of identification of ancient furniture fakes may wish to try.

1, see whether the package is natural: The general old furniture in the hands of the user often touch the position, will appear naturally formed in the slurry, the new imitation products in the package is not natural, or in the furniture does not often touch the place also has the bag slurry.

2, look at the bottom of the furniture and drawer board: the old table of the bottom plate and drawer board has a copy does not resemble the old gas. It is important to see the old furniture of the tenon, the old furniture mortise are square, locking the tenon is the tip of the son. If see mortise Two circles, can explain is machine processing, certainly is new imitation.

3, see wood grain: Some furniture surface will appear rough wood grain, but to see whether these wood grain is with the steel wire brush hard rub out.

4, look at the revision traces: some cloth on the chair in the renovation, the original chair circle will leave a dense nail eyes, this chair is old, as long as the chair turned over to see these eyes son.

5, see carving: From the style and the level of carving inspection. Vintage furniture in the production due to work time is relatively wide, craftsman's mentality is also quite calm, so the old furniture generally to go through exquisite, furniture appears mellow nature. And now the new imitation of the furniture, processors in order to reduce costs, often in a hurry, this will be engraved on the carving, especially in Chinese-style furniture, it appears that the circle is not smooth enough to firm.