Space Arrangement Of Furniture
- Feb 01, 2018 -

There is no room for furniture to be a big hole in space, only furnishings good furniture, the space of good-looking or not to appear, so must not simply look at the color and style, for furniture and home placement space to adapt, is very important, the right choice of furniture to make space more perfect.

First of all, in the purchase of furniture to pay attention to the empty, that is, in a certain space, furniture selection to be as little as possible, the maximum limit is that the volume of furniture can not exceed half the total volume of space, to leave more space, to far better than with furniture stuffed.

Sometimes, there are spaces in the home that seem empty or unbalanced, at this time to be good at choosing the space can be divided into the furniture, such as some very long living room, you can choose to be placed in the middle of the sofa, the sofa behind the best also with a shelf, such furniture is both sides to, but also better play the role of partition space.

Warm tip: Choose the size of the furniture and the size of the space to match, such as the space in the height of the kick line, door frame thickness, layer height and so on, will affect the furniture placed in the effect, but the furniture hall generally in these sizes and home in the actual space is not the same, in the selection of furniture must pay attention to observation, Many people buy furniture, look good in the showroom, put home is particularly awkward because there is no attention to the different dimensions of space.