Main Type Of Bedside Table
- Feb 01, 2018 -

Single Double drawer bedside table

can display jewelry, storage capacity is also good, and according to the actual needs, but also turn into a small TV cabinet

Removable drawer-type bedside table

It is very convenient to move the bedside table with castors, and some small objects that do not want to be too far away can be kept close by.


There is no closed storage box, but there are exposed display racks. With solid wood to make curved shape, a red and white color contrast, than the traditional founder of the bedside table more than a few "feminine" and fashion sense.

Bedside table

Glass metal-designed double table, placed beside the bed, small and modern. The lower side of the coffee table can propel the space under the bed, and the upper layer is just parallel to the edge of the edge, very convenient and practical.

Stool type

The reason for giving it this title is because it adds a stool function to the bedside table. Up and down two layers can be separated, the upper floor is a wooden bedside table storage box, the lower layer is the side of the leather, remove the storage box, it will become a bed before a stool.

Package style

In fact it is a group of Platinum coffee table, but placed in the bedside but there is a different taste, it is gorgeous style. Can put one, can also small and medium-sized three together, very suitable for European classical style of home.

Rattan table Type

The largest feature of the bedside table in its materials and modelling, the base of the tables for triangular shape, extending up three wooden stent, holding a rich rattan grain of the table, to add a few natural bedroom, a bit of fun.