Basic Introduction To Hotel Furniture
- Feb 01, 2018 -

With the continuous innovation and development of the furniture market, its subdivision industry hotel Furniture has entered the era of brand competition.

2012, the national total value of hotel supplies amounted to 1.6 trillion, accounting for more than 40% of the national output, ranked first in China.

Relevant department data show that the Chinese furniture market from 1990 10 billion market size, development to 2010 780 billion of the market size. In the 20 years of development, the furniture market has become the fifth largest industry, its market capacity has exceeded the household appliances industry, the average annual growth rate of 20%-30%. and hotel Furniture as one of the protruding team, also in the rapid response to market demand.

2013, the 18 report proposed the construction of "beautiful China" concept, it shows that energy saving and emission reduction and development of green economy will be the necessary guarantee for the construction of "beautiful China", a new round of government-led large-scale investment construction, especially the acceleration of the construction of urban infrastructure, the improvement of government office environment, the weak school reform of people's livelihood project, The Security room furniture purchase Project centralized release, the hotel furniture becomes the government procurement domain new market segments and so on new development opportunity.

It is understood that the country-wide urbanization of the steady development of consumer domestic demand, the furniture industry and hotel supplies industry market share also expanded. Data show that market demand is expected to reach 4 trillion by 2020.