The structure of the furniture
- Feb 01, 2018 -

Structure refers to the furniture used in the materials and components of a certain combination and connection, it is based on a certain use of the function of a structural system. It includes the internal structure and external structure of furniture, the internal structure refers to the furniture parts of a certain combination of ways, it depends on the material changes and the development of science and technology. such as the traditional mortise and modern plate furniture hardware connection is the internal structure.

In addition, the external structure of the furniture directly contact with the user, it is a direct reflection of the appearance of the shape, so the scale, scale and shape must be compatible with the user, this is called ergonomics, such as the height of the seat surface, depth, back dip angle appropriate chair can relieve people's fatigue , while the storage furniture is convenient for users to access the goods under the premise, and the size of the stored items to adapt.

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