Furniture contains kind
- Feb 01, 2018 -

Furniture contains:

Living room: sofa, sofa chair, long (square) tea table, three-person sofa or single, corner a few (put telephone), TV cabinets, wine cabinets, and decorative cabinets

Aisle: shoe cabinets, cloakroom cabinets, Xuan close cabinets, partitions

Bedrooms: bed, bedside table, couch, pillow, wardrobe, dresser, dressing mirror, hanging hanger

Kitchen: cabinet, hood, cooker, pendant, fridge, microwave oven, oven, tableware

Dining Room: Dining table, dining chair, dining cabinet, corner cabinet, bar table

Toilet: washbasin, toilet, shower screen, bathtub, showers, mop pool, urinal, toilet paper basket, floor drain, toilets

Study: Bookshelf, Book table and chair, filing cabinet,

Entrance hall: Shoe cabinet, cloakroom, umbrella frame